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my dumbass forgot to open one last door,,,,,
I don't wanna restart the chapter....
epic gamer moment florina missing four attacks in a row
there's an enemy that was very obviously put next to a wall so I could destroy him with magic over it, but I still felt like a genius doing so
imagine being this guy

just trying to be a good employee and kidnap a girl for boss
suddenly some woman from the plain saves her just for fun
then she raids your castle and slaughters everyone with her magic sword "Money Kitty"

he should've been a mercenary too
some random i dont want: let me join your party
cool guy i want: hmmmm... im just gonna sit here...
wait hold up is fe7 the one with true hit % or does it have the fake hit % system already

@waifu FE7 uses 2RN for hit calculation, so 95 HIT = 99% real chance etc etc

@tyronesama yeahhh it's the untrue one that's actually brttert
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