found a possible answer to “why does Hwoarang have his leading hand down in RFF”, and it came as a sparring partner telling me that i can block kicks more easily if my leading hand is down

@GRIFFIN_FGC That's interesting; capoeira does the same thing with its front/hook/roundhouse kicks and I never noticed.

@Freyaday I have a theory that lots of martial arts share similar techniques, as a logical conclusion to “how do I hurt people with my body parts without damaging my body parts”, but I don’t know enough about enough martial arts to make an informed assessment of that.

It's hard to do an objective study of that because most martial arts are descendants of a small handful of styles in China and Japan.
But capoeira—which has its most basic roots in African martial arts and evolved in isolation—also has roundhouses and front kicks and hook kicks and side kicks. I wouldn't say it has a back kick so much as a back side kick, as it has the knee to the side, instead of down as it is in TKD.
Capoeira also has a tornado roundhouse, but it's done sideways

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