Can we mod UEFI to display cool diagnostics on boot? :think_unamused:

@Freyaday does this affect UEFI POST or just the Windows loading part? :o

Since it says "OS Boot" specifically, I think it might just be Windows loading, actually. But I don't really know.

@Freyaday @polychrome There are a number of open uefi projects at various levels of development, with varying feature goals.

It's a brave new world once you go down that rabbit hole. But look at it this way, apple has a basic full fledged OS living in their efi, so anything is possible in that space really... Even networking...


@seven @polychrome It is reassuring that iMacs can download and install OSX over the internet even if the local install is completely destroyed.

@Freyaday @polychrome That download takes forever though, have to say it's like painful to wait for and heaven help you if the firmware clock isn't right... :/

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