shout out to pause/break, the worst key on the keyboard

@lynnesbian caps lock

close to everything else
toggle, forcing you to hit it again
really only makes sense on touch keyboards

@zoe @lynnesbian Caps lock should be where right ctrl is. In its place should be transpose.

@Freyaday @lynnesbian well we already have a ctrl that you can hit with your pinkie, imo caps lock should be a shift key and the left shift key should be a compose key

@zoe @lynnesbian I think left shift fits nicely under the pinkie where it is now. Right alt for a compose key makes more sense imo, since it's easily accessible with the thumb (that's where alt gr is rn, which is kind of a compose key, which is where I got the idea from).

@Freyaday @lynnesbian hrmmmm, fair
i think my general point is we'd do just fine without a capslock key in general

@zoe @lynnesbian The only use I've found for capslock is one-handed typing.

@Freyaday @lynnesbian yeah, i guess it's very good for one-handed or as i said, touch keyboards

still, i think alternative keyboard setups should be more popular :P


@zoe @lynnesbian If only any modern system supported transpose. I built one out of a macro key once, but it was built out of copy-paste and didn't really work at the end of input (I had programmed it so that it wasn't destructive there, at least).

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