DID YOU KNOW: the TI-84+ uses the same CPU as the gameboy (not the advance, the original one)

DID YOU KNOW: that CPU, the zilog Z80, was released in 1976

DID YOU KNOW: despite using a CPU that's over 40 years old on a monochrome screen with a resolution well below 144p, the TI-84+ still costs ~US$120

I was a hobbyist for those things.

Fun fact: if you tried to update the screen within 10μs of the last update, it bugged out and displayed garbage until power cycled.

Fun fact: if the NVRAM didn't have the right sentinel values in the right locations, the thing wiped the NVRAM, erasing all your programs because it refused to let user-written code be loadable from flash. This was easily solved using hobbyist programs that did this loading for you.


@lynnesbian I want to clarify: it wiped NVRAM on boot if the RAM wasn't set up properly. There wasn't some watchdog process or nothing lol.

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