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HELLSITE™, because I'm tired of garbage

This instance is an experiment in low-stress, relaxed social media. It's open to anyone who shares my aversions to algorithmic garbage-eating and mindless newsfeed noise.

Moderation is mostly common-sense. Don't make threats, avoid uncomfortably charged language, behave like a considerate human being, and generally try not to be disruptive.


HELLSITE™ silences the following instances for large amounts of untagged NSFW or low signal to noise ratio. These will be periodically reevaluated.

  • quey.org
  • humblr.social
  • sinblr.com
  • flr.social
  • myflog.net

HELLSITE™ suspends the following instances for unmarked and unexplained mass data collection.

  • raki.social
  • newjack.city

If you operate one of these instances and think I've made a mistake, please let me know and we can try to resolve things.