arcaea's progression systems continue to slant me

"so here's all the premium songs, you buy these at a rate of $1 per song. wait, you want to unlock the free songs? okay, that'll be 600 plays, which you can do once per hour"

naturally if you want to restore stamina early it's going to cost you way more than $1, and you still have to grind for the fucking songs

what tilts me is that arcaea is literally the only worthwhile mobile rhythm game, and the songs that fall prey to the grind machine are a very small percentage of what's available

so why even bother presenting yourself like this?


astute readers will note that only one thing can get me so mad about video games that I start hurling my personal possessions into the sun—failing to respect my time

@tyronesama f2p mobile games are all built on the monetisation of time and that concept has made AAA games garbage
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