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Day 2 of no Skyrim Special Edition for Stadia announcment
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Dissidia NT review: solo queue is unplayably bad because Square still doesn't understand two simple things
- people have bad computers
- north america is very large

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Chaos Generation wiki updated -- throw information added for each character (can't believe I didn't add that from the start lmfao), and a huge amount of info for Zhao Yun's super unscale bug has been added to his character page!


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when the shantotto you got matched up with in solo queue doesn't use salvation scythe

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I can't wait for pleroma to add support for the "talking shit" visibility setting where everyone except a specific person can see your post
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shitcoin advertisements on fedi \o/

no granular moderation control other than completely sending entire instances to space \o/

currently ordering a 2xTRS female to 1xTRRS male adapter so i can hook it up to a pair of headphone splitters and merge two headsets

because my roommates think that having a second player for DotA comms, rally co-driver style, will be helpful in any way

so today is going good

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When your only tools are an alcoholic beverage and a vial of octanitrocubane, all your problems start looking like Microsoft Outlook™.

couch stream went pretty fuckin' well considering I did absolutely zero setup or preparation for it, time to obsess over camera placement for 14 hours

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my dream is to be as cute as Puyo Puyo character artwork

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Oh I deleted my gmail account, I’m trying this new thing called email. It’s like gmail but federated.

HDMI splitter set to arrive tomorrow, time for absolutely fucking awful couch streams

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god ex revenge was such a fucking headass mechanic in 012 and that was after ex got fucking nerfed to shit from 013
like in 013 you could just ex out of hitstun and that put the opponent into block stagger, which was a guaranteed punish. plus the ex mode supers did just completely insane amounts of damage. not to mention that attacks generated way more ex force, so ex was significantly easier to come by

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the question you should ask isn’t whether you are gay for catgirls, but rather who isn’t gay for catgirls

thanks for attending my TED talk

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Me: what if we asked scott stoddard for the source for capoeira fighter 3, and then pooled together the money for a ggpo license

@tyronesama: CCCASTER

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Kaiser Knuckle General beating chances:
You have a chance: Lihua, Wulong, McCoy
Roll 6s and maybe you can do it: everyone else that isn't Marco
Are you into BDSM?: Marco

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@tyronesama I tried to think of something clever to say.
I failed, This is powerful.

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