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Nezahualpilli Granblue's arms are made for 3 things:

- Birb perching
- Wielding Spears

Hi my name is Owl and sometimes I bash my head against the wa- I mean Photoshop and hope what comes out the other side looks good

It's kind of hilarious that we're so used to seeing Ky being fairly formal in terms of fashion that the first game we get where he's let loose people are thinking he's Sin lol




It's been hours after it happened but I'm still just Mad about the fact I had a dude straight-up be rude to me bc I didn't know he was next in line. Even tho he literally made zero fucking effort to make it known the entire time I was trying to determine who was next

"Am I made of cardboard?" At this exact moment in time? Yes you fucking are, you limp-dicked motherfucker
Fuck outta my department. Don't waste me and my customer's goddamn time

Do not break the fort. The fan is on and he is listening to his favorite music.

In making my new icon I remembered I also ended up doing some editing/design stuff for both my laptop wallpaper and tumblr blog a long while back and forgot to post it anywhere aside from a few discords

All Nezahualpilli ofc bc he is best 🐦

Two things I learned about XIV today:

1) LRT
2) Aswang is revered for good luck and people outright refuse to kill it for hunting seals

You know what would be hilarious in FFXIV? If you could claim an apartment from a complex for your FC

Just a one room FC for your 5 members and the pet goldfish

I didn't play much XIV today bc I wasn't feeling it but now I'm sitting here needing to sleep like "I really miss X’rhun Tia I wonder how he's doing I should cap RDM soon"

Me: -tries to do anything-

My Cat: Alright time to constantly bother her for the next 10 minutes

no one:

masayoshi soken: *slams on electric guitar while shouting distorted vocals into a microphone* #ffxiv

Me, shaking my tank by the shoulders as I lvl a healer through SHB conten: For the LOVE of god use Arm's Length!!!

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