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Nezahualpilli Granblue's arms are made for 3 things:

- Birb perching
- Wielding Spears

Tfw you want to go to bed but then the weather decided to put your area on a tornado watch until 5am

Apparently my body is in one of those moods where anytime I drink Dr. Pepper it tastes so good I end up practically chugging it

Like I understand this was originally a guest bedroom but a California King? In this size space? Are we for real????

The more I use my laptop the more I hate the fact that my bed takes up 80% of the damn room therefore I have zero place to set up a nice
cozy corner and not get sore shoulders and shit

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Being a teenager is realizing you don't need a bed time
Being an adult is recognizing that it's better to have one anyway

So it turns out my bank account didn't take as big of a hit as I thought it would grabbing my laptop+trackball for my dad so I guess I can grab an extra hard drive sooner than I was thinking

Makes for another project I can do on my vacation lol

Me @ all the non-gbf folks who're gonna inevitably call Ladiva "he" after seeing the new trailer

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When you hear a notification beep and leaf through all your windows only to realize it was in the song you're playing.

Me: I intend this laptop to be for for working purposes

Also Me: Installs Steam

Me, pressing my face to the glass in the living room as my laptop has not arrived yet: we r e p ak i g e

You know I think my favorite thing about Kikuo is the fact they have this adorable personality but then they produce surreal-horror music on the regular whether it's in lyrics or in general feel

Absolutely superb you funky little producer

In other news: got me a new laptop coming in as a bday gift to myself

Will need to throw another hard drive into it since it doesn't have a lot of storage by default but Im p excited to have a functional one again

LRT: In case anyone wanted to know how raid night's are going

There u go

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Kinda spent today being hella tired and not getting much done

Perfectly understandable considering 9 days of Deli Hell in a row but it still feels pretty Oof nonetheless

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legitimately did not believe it could be done, but it appears that someone wrote a clear, substantive, accurate article about VPNs without fear-mongering or shitting on non-network-engineers

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the question you should ask isn’t whether you are gay for catgirls, but rather who isn’t gay for catgirls

thanks for attending my TED talk

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