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i am newton, and i play video games badly. not much else to say really. play tekken 7.

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apologies fellas my brother got killed by a misjudged order from his superiors so i gotta assume his identity and drop the fucking moon on the earth

lmao didn't even notice in this tweet

honestly anyone who complains about balmung/crystal should be forcibly deported to a server there. cut the fucking fat out.

the Tekken team should have not been cowards and put Velvet Crowe in Tekken 7 like they were gonna do before changing her to Zafina

i will find every au ra screenshot poster on twitter and follow them

this is my goal now

hey fuckhead. don't do this when you see a dungeon you don't like.

oh masto only posted one pic out of three. ok buddy

i do not know how to do lighting and at this point i barely care

honestly so glad titan came back to terrorize everyone in shb

loved the chunky fella back in arr, love this chunky fella even now

man i find it really endearing how the ffxiv team find a way to reuse some 1.0 soundtrack in later expacs. like i can only imagine what it's like being a legacy player walking into slitherbough and getting hit full fucking face with Whisper of the Land

every time i listen to quicksand (the ffxiv song) my brain defaults to that jp twitter meme of that wide dude in mspaint running towards the camera

oh god i spoiled myself on the rising quests and GOD my fucking heart aches

this is good

impressive, seems like i've hit the "hard cap" for retweets on twitter, so old stuff automatically gets un-RT'd. good and functional website.

this fucking healer in dohn mheg didn't dps, sat idle on their hands for every boss and legit didn't even try to cross the tightrope in the final boss like

why the FUCK are you playing a co-op if you aren't pulling your weight, go fucking play your gachas or whatever

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