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i am newton, and i play video games badly. not much else to say really. play tekken 7.

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i switched to raen a bit back and it somehow helped me conceive some structure for a backstory for my xiv wol even tho it's sorta cliche and kinda lame i guess 🤔

xiv limit breaks but they have crossover combination-esque super cut-ins

I am robochad, avatar of sorrow. Calibrate vitals to primes.

you ever think about how raven from elsword has a move where he just points angrily at the ground and a fucking nuke drops on the ground and it does a billion damage


so many people are not parsing seiryu on drk that the top dps for it is actually going down instead of up

which is incredible because considering how much uptime you can get by ignoring most of the mechanics in the fight you'd assume the tank dps rankings would be much higher

ffxiv trial that gives everyone a sps/sks buff and plays cameilla speedcore during the entire final phase

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sleep technician/expert: "so, sleep is very important"

me: *frantically scribbling notes* not important?

sleep expert: "VERY important"

me: *scribbling* got it

sleep expert: "if you don't sleep enough, you're in for a fuckload of shit,"

me: *still taking notes*

sleep expert: "and if you sleep too much? well, you're in for a shitload of fuck."

good morning, put sion eltnam atlasia in tekken 7

the real champion of 2019 is still that blm who saw I was out of darkside during o10s protostar and mana shifted me

small brain: disengage for 1 second to barely move out of the aoe to not take a vuln up and instantly move in

expanded brain: stand in all the aoes that do no damage for maximum uptime

galaxy brain: form a cooldown rotation so that standing in the aoe does 0 damage and hence doesn’t give you a vuln up

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