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i am newton, and i play video games badly. not much else to say really. play tekken 7.

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happy father's day and remember to celebrate it properly by getting yourself a clear of o10s

> minfillia in the first doesn't remember anything from the source, or is a different person so knows nothing about the scions
> we tell her about the scions' secret phrase
> her response is "I will go whither the wild rose blooms!" just like how we responded to her back in 2.0

great, twitter's doing the thing making me unfollow people again

like look at this shit

you can literally hear it when she says heihachi or akuma's name



you young ones and your saberfaces/lucifaces. back in our day we had 9999 kyo kusanagi clones and we were thankful for it

sorry guys I'm quitting ffxiv so i can date both k' and iori at the same time

yo why does the far edge of fate album have a version of exponential entropy that sounds like its playing somewhere in the distance while you're tied in a cave waiting for the water to fill in the cave, killing you

currently feeling like the guy on vocals who screams TIME OUT OF TIME in exponential entropy

back when i didn't play xiv and used to hear about it from my friends i used to think Alexander Savage was his full name

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