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the only "crossposter" i want to see on here is Jesus Christ. the rest of them can freak off

:promoted: Promoted by Northeastern Presbyterian Church

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cancer, bigotry mention 

Oh yeah
Got even more. Into divination and even more. Frustrated at the lack of local witches

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ableism PSA 

Greetings fediverse. In my absence ive gotten more into mechanical keyboards, bought the parts to make one, got more trust issues, cried a bit, and did some Hard Work

Life sure is fun

So when aliexpress told me they have a vendor selling custom blank keycap sets for Planck/jj 40 keyboards I knew what the fuck I was doing

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link, as zelda gets out from hyrule castle: oh hey zelda! you're back early.

zelda: castle's haunted

link: w-what?

zelda, loading a pistol and walking back to the front gate: castle's haunted

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Nintendo announces that they’re delaying Animal Crossing New Horizons to ensure the game won’t be shit without making their developers kill themselves by crunching and then their market share drops by ONE MILLION DOLLARS
amazing. fuck capitalism

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blow my @ up if they announce f/uc 2 or something tekken

Do you ever do a compete 180 on a character after thinking about them for months

Apropos of nothing this is now an eridan stan account

I said I was done with homestuck. I knew it wasn’t true. Today I wrote chapters 1 and 2 of a trans girl!eridan ravnicastuck fanfic. Ive barely gone anywhere in terms of the story, but ive not written anything in years and im just happy to be writing again


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Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa fuck all the way off, Illinois Policy Institute

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So posting any variant of the Lily "shut the fuck up terfs" meme (even without the gun or words) will get you banned on Twitter.

I think we all know what that means.
:lily: :lily: :lily:

cw: gun



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