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thinking about how Sonic 06 had the balls to have a stage called "Radical Train"

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someone: [sends me a dumb video because it reminded them of me]
me: what are we

new sakura wars has a serious-looking girl with dark skin and big bonkhonagahoogs so i guess i'm just obligated to buy it

I was thinking about how the Kingdom Hearts games' wide variety of melee abilities and how I don't love the context sensitive systems from the numbered games but also don't love the Command Deck and it made me want a KH game where you could customize your combos like God Hand

john nintendo: this zelda game is coming along great. let's add something to it
tedious stealth segment ted: I Have An Idea

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can't wait for darli dagger from samurai shodown on the playstation 4 and xbox one to uppercut me into the stratosphere, killing me instantly

me: yeah maybe I'll make a Sonic fangame
me: ...
me: ...
me: ...
me: ...okay but what if I made a Mighty No. 9 fangame instead just to take what I like and not have the stuff I don't

finally gave Sonic Riders Zero Gravity a try to confirm my thoughts on it

I could go into the specifics of how it screwed up compared to the first game but really on a basic level it's just so goddamn boring

ZUN has been making videogames for the past 20 years and still hasn't learned how to draw. You're fine.

I'm having one of those days where I'm really thinking about game development again and getting sad about how much there is I'll never be able to do, like art/graphics/animations/etc

maybe I'll just throw it all away and make a Sonic fangame, bring the past 15 years full circle

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