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"the game isn't failing because the developers abandoned it in a broken state, it's failing because people are sometimes negative on reddit"

[Presenter voice] We are pleased to be able to bring these classics to a new generation. Look for the Meet N Fuck Collection this spring on Switch

I like how the new Atelier game decided to have a protagonist with thick thighs but her legs don't make any sense in her key art because they didn't draw her without a thigh gap lmao

looking forward to the guy who gave us "every KOF game except XIII was ugly" to talk about how much he didn't like Samurai Shodown and for people to take his opinion as gospel because he's a Big Name FGC Guy 😒


kinda wanna talk about a specific interesting aspect of the design of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games (and really a lot of them but it started there and is exemplified well) but it would be a big thread that would just annoy people tbh

oh shit it's robert from king of fighters


what if we kissed in carnival night zone (and we couldn't figure out the barrel)

Okay, okay. I made it. Here's me droppin' an Old School Beat to warn the kids about the Dangers of ISIS. (cw: video selfie, no EC, a joak)

every time I see people talk about Linux my mind just goes Show more

I know this sounds like me being elitist but really it's more "jesus christ why do I care so much about that shit I'm such a fucking freak asshole"

I couldn't imagine playing an entire-ass video game and not learning a god damn thing about how to play it but apparently that's just the autism and normal people are happy to do it every single time so what do I know

ultra fight kyanta 2 da is basically capcom vs snk 2 by way of samurai shodown 3 by way of sonic the fighters by way of ms paint by way of huffing car fumes

this should be read as a glowing recommendation by the way

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