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I need to find more remixes of SNES F-Zero music

there's so many songs in that game that should be awesome but then the SNES starts tooting at me

at least GP Legend and Climax adopted the way better boost system from X and GX but still...

(not counting AX separately because its content is in GX anyway)

it sucks that there are only six F-Zero games but it sucks even more that only two of them are actually 3D and super-kickass

me: I really need to go to sleep already
my brain:

play God Hand and I'm sorry about the first boss

IN CONCLUSION: God Hand is the best action game ever because like 90% of its bosses are human-sized duels and there are zero dumb puzzle bosses

unless you count the crane but like why would you

the bosses that are about Kratos's size or maybe a little larger seem to have a larger variety of attacks that make you pay more attention to the core combat, making them way more interesting than the Big Epic Fights that frequently are padded with QTEs and normal enemies

so after making this post I decided to roll through some videos of the boss fights from the old God of War games, because despite loving the melee action genre I have basically no experience with them

curiously, despite these games being known for their huge, cinematic bosses...

Since it's TMI Tuesday... bap or butt? — Bap for me, always.

Not that I don't like butt, though.

this isn't just limited to DmC, either
like, for years I heard talk about the first boss in the first God of War, the Hydra, and how cool it was

that thing literally has two attacks and you deal with both of them the same way

DmC made me realize something:
if you make a 3D melee action combat game and you make the boss fights completely dull, empty bits connected by cinematics, I definitely hate you

as awful as all this Sonic movie stuff is it'll ultimately still be less disappointing than the next 3D Sonic game being 70% 2D again

I love trunks so much he makes me so happy and I love him and he makes me happy and he's epic and he makes me happy — wow, we have a big fan of elephant noses here folks :)

god i love boobs tonight

i mean i love them every night but tonight especially

ever think about how the Sonic Forces Persona 5 outfit includes gloveless flesh hands when one of the key pieces of Persona 5 art has Joker specifically pulling on red gloves

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