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I wonder what the maximum size of an inline image on masto/pleroma-style fedi is...

The Redout soundtrack actually kicks way more ass than it should.

FFXIV's got multiple naming conventions in its world, which is something I don't think I've ever seen in a single work before. That's really cool.

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Dissidia NT review: solo queue is unplayably bad because Square still doesn't understand two simple things
- people have bad computers
- north america is very large

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me and my gang of druids showing up in snuggies cause the price of druid robes is outrageous

Fixed-width numbers are not closed under any of the following operations:

The rules of math depend entirely on the rules of math.

So I'm reading random math stuff on Wikipedia again.
Did you know that if the only number you have is 0, then 0=1?

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horrifying giant head of klaus kinski that some artist made for some reason

The NT kernel has a concept of "personalities"; one kernel supporting multiple APIs. That's cool.

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so. i'm back on my bullshit, labbing chaos generation, finally getting around to finishing off the character pages on the wiki.

turns out i am so back on my bullshit that i'm able to accidentally find out that move recovery in this game is counter hit. i have no idea what this means, if anything, since the effect of counter hit in this game is unknown, but there you go.

Dissidia NT is hella fun when it's working.
Unfortunately, matchmaking isn't working right now. What a great time to be not working, when you just launched the PC port.

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Leftovers are a gift you give to yourself. Or your husband. Or your dog. Or the trashcan if they're a bit too leftover. But mostly yourself.

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