friend gave me his wii so now i have another console for my light gun shooter setup
ghost squad is fun btw

those bosses are rough though, you can just like outright fail that shit, no continues
it's the kind of game that definitely warrants multiple playthroughs, so much friendlier for at home rather than in the arcade. shit had player data cards for a reason tho i suppose lmfao

@Sleepmode snipe this moving target (on a badly calibrated IR setup) or die

@tyronesama oh yeah, it’s also friendlier for console play because calibration can be performed at will by people who give a shit
The first time I saw Ryoya calibrate the light guns before a Time Crisis run at the arcade I got so mad because that should just be allowed everywhere all the time

@tyronesama like even Time Crisis 2 let you do that, and that game came out in arcades in like, fuckin 1999 or some shit

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