So after a bunch of time spent playing Time Crisis 4 I decided to give Razing Storm a go.
This game fucking rules

Narratively/thematically it's fucking garbage to the point of hilarity, I'm pretty sure it's about a platoon of advanced military manly men fighting a political terrorist faction in a South American country in the midst of revolution, led by a guy who masterminded another terrorist attack on the United States. Except it's a fucking big dumb action movie and there's heavy metal playing all the time and it's so fucking funny

But gameplay-wise, it's soooooooo much fun. It's basically Crisis Zone (machine gun and shield instead of pistol and cover) but with a huge focus on destructible environmental elements, and since it uses the Time Crisis 4 combo scoring system (with a visible combo meter and everything) you actually kind of have to think about what it is you need to shoot in order to maximise your score


On top of that, stages are broken up into much smaller segments, so you're getting far more frequent feedback on how you're doing, and with just how good shooting feels (it feels really really good) it's a fucking blast to play and god damn this fucking caught me off guard with how good it is

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