man this shit with pleroma seems real messy what the fuck is even going on

@Sleepmode software development is apparently just like that sometimes!

@tyronesama like I get wanting to ensure a safe platform for all users, and tbh I don’t know enough about the situation to completely dismiss all criticism but like, pleroma isn’t even a platform, right? Conflating all its users with some unsavoury people/ideas on the dev team feels sort of reductionist
That being said, I Don’t Know Shit My Guy!

@Sleepmode None of this goddamn conversation seems to be about the software anyway, and as someone running an instance that's all I think is relevant to me. (There's some scattered discourse about Pleroma "not respecting blocks" that comes down to an ActivityPub design oversight—and there seems to be some ongoing discussion about how to resolve that at a protocol level.)

Like, I pay attention to this shit so I know what's going on, but in the end I'm going to use the best tools for the job.

@Sleepmode Both platforms are missing features, so my gut tells me to go with the one that runs on a smartfridge and has few enough moving parts that I can fix it when it lights on fire.

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