the way that the scoring mechanics in time crisis have evolved over the series is super interesting to me

TC1 didn't really have a score, so the entire thing was just a piece-by-piece time trial. it was pretty damn interesting though, since there were certain enemies that would grant time bonuses if you shot them fast enough, and the timer ticked down even during scripted "wait" segments of the level so there was extra pressure to go fast

TC2 added an actual point scoring system, where points were earned based on where you shot the enemy (in order of value was head > torso > limb), and also added the ability to perform "chase shots", which are essentially "shoot them after they're dead for more points", and the points earned by chase shots scaled up depending on how many hits are made, as well as where the initial kill shot was placed (again, most valuable in order of head > torso > limb)

it also added a fairly simplistic combo system where more hits would result in an increasing number of bonus points, as well as adding a scaling 1000 point bonus for every 10 consecutive hits, up to a maximum bonus of 8000 points (so you'd get 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, etc)

this was on top of the bonus points added at the end of every area if you completed it quickly enough, so there was a pressure to at once get headshots, maintain a combo and kill everyone quickly

this was the same system that was used in TC3, but in TC4 the combo system was overhauled to focus less on raw accuracy (since in TC2/3 one miss would drop the combo)
instead the combo system focused entirely on the "bonus points per 10 hits" side of the scoring mechanics, and your combo timer was now represented by a gauge surrounding your score

it largely depleted faster than it increased, but since your ability to keep up a combo was contingent only on being able to maintain hits while the gauge was filled without a 100% accuracy requirement, it was pretty easy to keep up a combo.
that also changed the way accuracy was rewarded -- at the end of every area, an accuracy bonus was calculated by hit % x1000 rather than just having it be rewarded on the fly via accuracy streaks

of course the ability to perform chase shots after headshots meant that the optimal strat was to spend three shots on each enemy -- one to the head, and two chase shots -- which ended up creating a scenario where the combo bonus was more important than the time bonus

so TC5 comes along and adjusts the combo system by removing the ability for chase shots to stall the combo timer, instead having that be achieved by switching cover (since TC5 introduced the two-pedal cover system)

this is particularly important because the time bonus point cap (990,000 points) in TC3 was removed in TC4, so time bonuses were bigger than in any other TC game before it
so TC5 tweaked its combo system to keep chains relevant but also encourage players to just gun down enemies faster to get that sweet time bonus

Time Crisis is so cool dude

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