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hello I am Sleepmode (he/him), Australian, bisexual and intolerant leftist. I'm a man of many talents, such as finding infinites/death combos in poverty fighting games and then creating wikis for them.

I also write and make videos sometimes. Would like to stream, but Australia's internet sucks, so there you go.
Ask me about the Kusoge Advent Calendar if you want @tyronesama to punch me in the head

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This is such a fucking Sleepmode way of understanding a new concept
Process the world through kusoge

Me: a bunch of my friends are identifying as plural and I support them but idk if I really get it
My brain, remembering MVC1 for some reason: “we are venom”
Me: Oh I get it now

Fuck Silicon Valley, buncha fuckin skinny white tech bros in bean bag meeting rooms jerking off about their new invention which is just public transport but with more capitalism

Passed by a Lime scooter and saw a thing on it like “designed in California” and my first thought was “Oh no it’s a Silicon Valley invention”

so I’m looking into nbn plans since we need to upgrade the internet at our house and one ISP is selling a “gamer plan” (eugh) that includes a static IP, and uh, am I to understand that a static IP just provides a more stable connection at the expense of being easier to track

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@lynnesbian > click on album post > right click on the divs covering the entire image element > Inspect Element > expand the div.Gallery-media element above the div.GalleryNav.(GalleryNav--next|GalleryNav--prev) element > ctrl-click the URL in the src > have actual, god-fearing image in your browser window

I love hostile web clients :)

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You can't go anywhere without hearing Toto's "Africa" –– not even the Namib desert. There, a multimedia artist's installation plays the 1982 smash-hit on loop and is powered by solar energy with the promise to run "for all eternity."

And that’s kind of the thing -- TC5 is more like TC1 than any other game in the series, precisely because it wants you to go fast more than it wants you to pump dudes with enough bullets to give them lead poisoning

TC2 through 4 kind of prioritized playing stylishly instead of quickly, and while I think rewarding accuracy streaks is a really good thing to do, I appreciate that TC5 incentivises players to clear rooms faster, since that way you’ve got a great balance between the combos of TC4 with the speed of TC1

I’ll have to eventually go through all the games to really formulate a complete opinion, but for the time being I think that Time Crisis 5 probably has the most fun and interesting combo system in the series

I think the next order of business is to try tackling individual stages so I can learn them better
I’m pretty familiar with the prologue and stage 1 at this point, so I’ll work on stage 2 and 3 before I start no damage ILs

completed my first full TC4 run, clocking in at... 6/6 credits spent. lmao this game is hard
The game gave me infinite continues and infinite handgun ammo for my troubles which was nice tho

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Fossil fuel companies: *responsible for an overwhelming majority of GHG's*
Some Joker on a blog: SToP EATIng MEat To sAVE the PlaNET

I’m glad people are interested in my Time Crisis talk

man this shit with pleroma seems real messy what the fuck is even going on

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i really need to get/make a pedal for time crisis, having to use the buttons on the guncon 3 sucks ass

man, TC4 is kicking my ass
there were a few shots from enemy helicopters on 1-1 this run where I couldn't see the crisis flash which was a little frustrating
and man the fuckin multi-screen on 3-2 is super cheap lmfao, might have to study a 1cc for this game

my extra credit count got bumped up to 4 after the game over though, it's nice they still do that after all this time lol
guncon3 also goes pretty good all things considered, it's not super accurate but with good calibration it's not hard to adjust. make sure you do your five point calibrations, kids!

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