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hello I am Sleepmode (he/him), Australian, bisexual and intolerant leftist. I'm a man of many talents, such as finding infinites/death combos in poverty fighting games and then creating wikis for them.

I also write and make videos sometimes. Would like to stream, but Australia's internet sucks, so there you go.
Ask me about the Kusoge Advent Calendar if you want @tyronesama to punch me in the head

And that's it. All characters now have complete pages, and the FAQ page has been updated as well.
The Sango Guardian Chaos Generation wiki is complete... for now.

personally i blame capitalism for ruining our sleep schedules

i remember hearing on multiple occasions that sleeping habits of historical humans (like super far back, like feudal times or some shit) were super different compared to how we sleep now

like they used to go to sleep for about three or four hours, wake up, do shit for about two hours (eat, fuck, contemplate life, whatever), then sleep for another four or so hours

and people in experiments who have attempted this same sleep pattern said they never felt more awake

Chaos Generation wiki updated -- throw information added for each character (can't believe I didn't add that from the start lmfao), and a huge amount of info for Zhao Yun's super unscale bug has been added to his character page!

And that's the Zhao Yun page complete! Next is Zhang Jiao, and then the wiki will be pretty much finished!

so. i'm back on my bullshit, labbing chaos generation, finally getting around to finishing off the character pages on the wiki.

turns out i am so back on my bullshit that i'm able to accidentally find out that move recovery in this game is counter hit. i have no idea what this means, if anything, since the effect of counter hit in this game is unknown, but there you go.

and of course that was followed up with me entering a match and then just immediately disconnecting

god i had the most fucking heavenly match of dissidia just now, this is how the game is meant to be played

can we please remove the fucking cutscenes every time a summon happens

when the shantotto you got matched up with in solo queue doesn't use salvation scythe

the best thing about being an adult is that no one can tell you not to make breakfast for dinner

fuck dude the latest ep of kamen rider zi-o really fuckin pulled a fast one on me, i am shook

the unfortunate part is that it'll only be compatible on windows/linux/raspberry pi, but at the very least we can hope that the basis of the technology will be noticed by developers and we can finally get a fucking home port of Time Crisis 5

sinden lightgun is so fucking smart, dude
it operates in basically the same way as a modern LED/IR lightgun but instead of using LEDs/IR lights it uses software to superimpose a white border around the game screen, with the gun acting as a camera that communicates with the software, using the border as the means by which it calculates the position of the gun

Just finished up a Time Crisis 4 run after a while of not playing it. Still sloppy, only managed a 3cc. Took a lot of damage in places I shouldn't have (though in my defense bullets from helicopters in 1-2 and 3-1 are cheap as fuck)

Guncon3 is absolutely my least favourite light gun, though. It would be significantly more comfortable without the grip on the side. Its accuracy is a billion times better than the wiimote but it's still not great

i fucking swear dude the pal version of time crisis 2 is harder than the jpn version

also apparently this game's graphics are so fucking 20XX that my computer (GTX970, i7-4790) can only reasonably run the game on low graphics settings
the game's graphical fidelity is still really nice on the low settings though, so... :D?

So the netcode on the Steam port of DFFNT isn't... great. But it works alright for me, as much as I know that isn't a universal experience.

Square Enix seems pretty keen on supporting the game, though, so hopefully the netcode can get some patching up later on

i love masto/fedi and this instance in particular because I can be as left as I want and sweaty nerds won’t get in my mentions telling me how “socialism doesn’t work” or sending me Ben Shapiro memes

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