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Happy five year anniversary of twitter keeping us safe from dangerous postings.

hey. i'm back here again
no fighting game tech or trivia just yet but instead have some cool political developments
i'm officially a member of my university's socialist branch now, which is really exciting. it's kind of been a long time coming, and i am looking forward to building the left both in australia and abroad

also hi i haven't used HELLSITE™️ in like a solid month and a bit but I play Samurai Shodown now also my Dance Rush career is dead unless my local cabinet gets fixed

just attempted to play tekken 7 for the first time in months and being painfully reminded of why i don't play tekken 7

(it feels like shit to play in case you were wondering)

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i've used adblockers 24/7 for as long as they've existed.

so when on someone's laptop yesterday i clicked around whatever default microsoft news website Edge loads and was stupefied by how intrusive the ads were. it's both hard to believe and depressing that this is the normal web experience for most people

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The Boy and the Dragon Gay is great, but my favorite book from the gubal library is the one where the amdapori council starts to pick a new cure/cura/curaga sequence name and immediately decides "fuck this shit" in a landslide and switches over to cure I/II/III notation

fuck i still need to make my super climax heroes cmv, that game never got the farewell it deserves
that is, a farewell that shows off how fucking stupid it is

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Hey fellow antifascists, let's send all enemies of the Party to the gulag
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Nintendo announces that they’re delaying Animal Crossing New Horizons to ensure the game won’t be shit without making their developers kill themselves by crunching and then their market share drops by ONE MILLION DOLLARS
amazing. fuck capitalism

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link, as zelda gets out from hyrule castle: oh hey zelda! you're back early.

zelda: castle's haunted

link: w-what?

zelda, loading a pistol and walking back to the front gate: castle's haunted

also side note: Time Crisis 2 is still fucking awesome
I should probably grab Time Crisis 3 as well

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