I love drs a lot but I think shuffling has given me shin splints so I should probably chill out for a while :(

i would also argue that using ccmaker is ethical but open source alternatives are also good

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As you may have read yesterday, Adobe is telling customers using older versions of Creative Cloud that they could be sued (elekk.xyz/@eightbitsamurai/102).

If you are still using CC, it might be time to consider alternatives which let you actually own software instead of renting it:


#CreativeCloud #Adobe #Alternatives #DeleteAdobe

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I really need to work on my overall dance form, I think
My leg movements are pretty cool but my upper body looks real fuckin lanky and dumb when I'm shuffling
should focus more on moving my arms with the beat and shit

this game has the most wack ass design I’ve ever seen in a fighting game that it can’t possibly be grouped in with other fighting games, and yet what makes a fighting game a fighting game is still there.
This is the weirdest fighting game I’ve ever played, and it’s kind of incredible to me that I don’t have to convince anyone that it’s worth their time bc a billion people already have

poverty games usually distinguish themselves by their weird permutations on what is essentially the SF2 formula, so while they’re weird, scenarios will generally be pretty similar when compared to other games.
smash, however, has like three different versions of the corner scenario. disadvantage states are like if combos in KI were 4D chess. blocking has a recovery animation but it’s also jump cancelable and I’m pretty sure frame data in this game is fake

y’know, lately I’ve been thinking
I kind of have a penchant for weird fighting games, bc I like seeing what weird shit developers come up with and how the genre as a whole might learn from it
and I must admit that smash is by far the weirdest fucking fighting game I’ve ever played and likely ever will play

Hey so why is the n word part of the nintype dictionary by default and how do I remove it

DRS really is the greatest rhythm game ever made
I nearly died playing today but I worked in some new moves! And also unlocked Crazy Shuffle!

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Mia lore: thanks to Sonic Forces I have an OC named Three the Cat

all so I could get a screenshot of Sonic, Three, and Knuckles

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At last, RetroArch 1.7.7 released! This absolute mammoth release manages to be of even bigger significance than the last! First alpha version of Xbox One/UWP port, Desktop UI Settings, Menu widgets, New GLCore driver, GL 1.1 support, where does it end?! https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-7-7-released/

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/libretro/status/1125945773697400833
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how many centrists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
none, they’re too busy trying to find the middle ground between that and not screwing in the lightbulb

I definitely would like to get more into content creation and streaming once I upgrade my internet
For a while I was considering doing political content but I genuinely don’t think I’d have the energy to do solely that, at least on my own
I’ll just make an effort to be an openly left gaming guy lol

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if you're vaguely curious about it but don't want to expose yourself to carcinogens directly, i wrote a thing tyronesama.moe/kurtzpel-is-ass

not to beat a dead horse or nothing but i do find it curious that for all the bellyaching about “respect the artist” re edits of p5r kasumi’s design, i’ve yet to see any complaints about people making edits of sonic the hedgehog’s film design
wonder what that’s all about 🤔

i mean, have you watched a steven crowder video? that man is so unfathomably stupid. just, unbelievably dense. and he makes serious bank

god can you even imagine how good it must be to be a reactionary content creator on the internet
like, imagine making that much money for being that fucking dumb

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