had a dream where i was australian. bought some medicine. what does it mean??

where do i get the upper body strength to travel everywhere handstand style like downwell from downwell

gonna throw a rock directly above me
I'll let you all know how it goes

reading uber driver reviews has very quickly become my favourite thing to do while waiting for my uber

nothing will give me same sense of overpowering energy than walking into mcdonalds without shoes on and seeing the manager at the register

went swimming at a Natural Lake the other day, can't wait to catch cholera and dysentery at the same time

Please boost this around.
I am looking for people associated with the Portuguese Mahjong Union (União Portuguesa de Mahjong).
Their FB page hasn't had any activity for over 2 years, and their website was bought by an onlline clothing store.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Security tip: Your phone's fingerprint reader will also recognize your toeprint, so make sure to register it in case you lose both your hands.

nothing quite like blearily waking up to a phone call from the bank

my mouse is finally Blowing Up, any good suggestions for a replacement?

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