Please boost this around.
I am looking for people associated with the Portuguese Mahjong Union (União Portuguesa de Mahjong).
Their FB page hasn't had any activity for over 2 years, and their website was bought by an onlline clothing store.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Discord is down, so hit me up on Facebook messenger, because I'm an old ass motherfucker and my smartphone shits itself trying to run snapchat.

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drug ref 

Get to college
Open backpack
Take out laptop

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genre idea: WITCH METAL

it’s classic heavy metal/stoner metal but about witchy stuff instead

see: psychedelic witchcraft

I've been working the voting table since 8.
My phone's battery at 14% and i didn't bring my charger.

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off to go vote. Lets get this shitshow over with.

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attention fire emblem gamers. erk would like to survive chapter 16, but with DEF stat at just 2, he needs YOUR HELP.

Today we vote for the EU parliament.
Please go and vote your heart out.

I want to learn japanese so I know what's happening in older Super Robot Wars games.
On the other hand, i'm almost proficient in these games to know which spirit skills I'm reading from looking at their cost and the numbers on its description.
Shame about everything else though. :^)

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ooohhh no you don’t! i’ve come this far, i’m not learning what homestuck is now

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