On the other hand, I've been playing Super Robot Taisen BX without knowing a lick of written japanese with increasingly stupid results.

I accepted a challenge from a friend to beat Pokémon Stadium (the first) including round 2 using exclusively rental pokémon.
After looking at the rosters moveset of round 2...

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if any one doesn't know how to make a psot on mastodon i made a tutorial :)

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look what i found in the mastodon source code

But Mazinger Z is one of the OGs and it slaps.
I'm starting to think the only old mech shows that get remembered are the ones with the better themes and I'm scared to know of the lesser ones.

Part FUCK 2.

Which parts of the melody just sound like a goddamn lullaby! :sinobuW:

Why do most old ass robot shows had sick ass intros to their theme song, but then the main melody was some generic ass brass music from the '70s?
(prolly because they're from the '70s, I wonder if young adults of the time would rock to these tunes)
I'm opening the hostilities with Grendizer

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Boost this toot and I will align you a giant robot to pilot

Why is everyone flexing around? Show more

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I've got a runny nose and almost have a fever.
I just finished my hot chocolate, it is now time to look at cute things online. ☺️

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today on the Kusoge Advent Calendar: david cage's dynasty warriors

This absolute unit of a streamer ( @tyronesama )plays a different kusoge every day of December until Christmas comes by.
Join the gang and laugh at ridiculous ideas in fighting game history that you may or may not have played as a kid.

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so I guess I'm doing this fucking marathon thing again. give me a few weeks, and suddenly your least favorite fighting game _really_ isn't gonna seem that bad


Ah yes, the wonders of a 512MB RAM smartphone.
It can run "anything" that predates 2005 can't browse worth a damn online and if people spam the discord text chanel I'm on it freezes, then crashes the app.

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