Why is Sonic Heroes Like That, why do you go at 10,000 miles per hour

So I beat Monkey Hero for the second time in my life and what even is this credits theme youtube.com/watch?v=3feeXZdoZ0

every time someone mentions sonic 06 or i think about it, I think of the captain mission.

You can't really say anything bad about a*lus games without their fans just jumping on you, huh

@keeg i'm in a state where I go "fucking atlus" every time something stupid and/or awful happens in their games.

This infinite works on Bark, Espio, Tails, Sonic, Manic, Ray, Ren (yes he's there) and Scourge.

good luck doing this against Bark because he'll god damn throw you and do throw loops because he's just like that.

Being voiced by K' grants you the ability to do Big Boy Damage and sometimes invincibility on specials.

every time someone says "seven rings in hand" my brain always goes "MAKE BELIEFS REBORN"

Nothing in this dumpster fire is real, not even combos or overheads.

i only have one question about the DMC anime.....is Phantom there?

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