sometimes I wish twitter would stop making bad changes so I don't have to see 10,000 people complain about it....

You mean to tell me Armor Ralf had a level 2 super that's not only unblockable, but it's fast, has armor and does about half your life?

i'm still thinking about that GUN Soldier in Shadow the Hedgehog just eating his shield.

F-Zero GX is easier than Radiant Emerald Hard with Eggrobo

Me: I'm a smart, reasonable human being with no atrocious ideas at all
also me: *tries to beat Radiant Emerald on Hard with the Eggrobo in Sonic R even though that's never happening in a million years*

watching tekken 4 videos is funny because
Lee Freaker Jab near walls

Super Sonic Sonic R: Outclasses every other character in the game, no question.
Eggrobo: Clunky trashbot that can't even be a robotnik clone right

geese tekkenseven can get nerfed all he wants and he'll still be better than Gigas

Sho Breakers Revenge: Has a million options, can do whatever the fuck he wants and gets big damage
Alsion III: lol teleport that is basically a free hit for the opponent

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