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Picking up chun bumped my win rate by 47%.

It also lowered the amount of people willing to play with me by 68%.

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Please boost this around.
I am looking for people associated with the Portuguese Mahjong Union (União Portuguesa de Mahjong).
Their FB page hasn't had any activity for over 2 years, and their website was bought by an onlline clothing store.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I eat paint and also pick lucina in smash ultimate

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anyways i might have been overtraining a bit on etterna cause my hands start trembling just a few minutes into a session and im getting a pretty noticeable pain in my left arm after playing for like an hour.

But hey i got damn good speed scores tho.

If i knew programming i'd probably write a script that posted here everytime this software shat itself.

But on the other hand i'd feel bad for flooding fedi with "please buy ableton" constantly.

It's 3pm and FL studio crashed 6 times already

Im just tryna play honest, god fearing midrange decks man why y'gotta do me like that

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