I still cant believe I pulled a 4 Star right before bed last night
shits wild

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> only one guy shows up to area 51 raid
> it's Zenos yae Galvus

Its been a minute since I ranted about things either accurately or even if I was a bit misinformed/blinded by perspective.
I actually have no idea on what to rant about thats actually fun and doesn't make me sound jaded about things.

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i'm about to catch a fade with the windows down blasting the lucky star op

Working at Amazon for the past two days has my feet curling upwards due to the sheer amount of walking.
but hey, money is nice.

/micon "Inner Release"
/ac "Inner Release

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got you chief
/micon "Superbolide"
/ac "Superbolide" <wait.1>
/statusoff Superbolide
/p "So, I want to play a game. How quick can I wipe this party? You have 1 second." <se.6>

so. My friend's Superbolide Macro.

/micon "Superbolide"
/ac "Superbolide"
/p "So, I'mma keep it real with you chief; help." <se.6>

Oh right.
Got shadowbringers and the first thing I did was glamour my GNB to look like Squall like 99% of everyone who owned that costume did.
Its lit.

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Pushed to the end of Stormblood, got i388 and it feels nice.
Probably not gonna get Shadowbringers immediately even though I REALLY Wanna play gunbreaker. But I'll use tomorrow, monday and tuesday to grind my other classes a bit. Samurai and DRK first.

Annoyed at another major that I can't attend but even if I could I'd feel like I'd under perform
...why does my brain do this to me.

@omgitsnewton Damn. All my classes Gorilla.
Time to blast Trap music when I do big ass pulls then die shortly after--

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@tyronesama making unawful posts is not what Benjamin Franklin created the internet 2019 years ago for

I Got the Madoka Gacha and i'm ready to send my soul into oblivion to roll for Sayaka.
time for the descent into Gacha hell.

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I need to learn how to better manage my time tbh.
It's getting ridiculous. Still not having a job as well as other side projects I want/need to do and aren't doing them are starting to grate on my nerves
"But why don't you just do them"
It's cause i'm a headass of course :v
...I really need to get some stuff done

...Looking back at some of the BB character breakdowns I made a while ago, is making me notice how much is inaccurate. After fighting Fame's Terumi I was definitely wrong about a lot. At the same time it makes me wonder how people lab shit like routes and setups cause its almost jarring seeing no one do any damage and then Fame is out here fucking me up with this headass character lmao.

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