Whenever I play competitive pokemon, Stall is arguably the most annoying playstyle to run into due to how self-sufficient/simple it is. I mean, I dislike hyper-face roll teams as well (even if i play them) and i'm glad smogon and its community has went ahead and banned some of the prevalent issues from both playstyles, but Stall is just corny and boring to play in a game based around RNG. But the fact the playstyle has persisted and is so malleable when literal nukes roam the multiple tiers.

It says a lot. It also feels great when I blow up a stall team that doesn't have Problematic mons/strats on it, i.e: Pre-ban Arena trap/Shadow Tag and Baton Pass based Stall among other things. I should probably talk about those, mainly Arena Trap/Shadow Tag cause that was one of the wilder times, kinda like the 3-4 Days Marshadow was allowed in OU.

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