As much as I love CF2 Kagura I really do enjoy his older versions. Incomplete as fuck but Fireball combos are mad cool.

@JivDaley as much as I love Kagura in CF2, I still kind of feel like the best realisation of the character was CPE?
his neutral game was absolute cheeks but if he caught you slippin he made you wish you had never been born

i remember one time i tagged a friend with a CH 5C in the corner and converted into a like 5-6k combo on accident

@JivDaley he still does very high damage and he's absolutely the best version of the character in terms of overall performance (I've seen people rate him fairly high), but man
one mixup in the corner got you like, 4k minimum, that shit was ridiculous

@Sleepmode Yeah his damage is really REALLY fucking high still. CPE was like "yeah I still have all this fucking damage" and he kinda just obliterated you. CF2 is my second favorite iteration of him just due to wholeness. But CP1 Kagura who was really wack just tagged you into 6k due to old stance properties and you just got wholesale robbed

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