Oh boy I get to talk about every 13 year olds deviant art OC, Terumi.
short and sweet and to the point, Terumi sucks. Its kinda sad but i'm also lowkey glad this character isn't great either with how his current tool kit works. Terumi is a rushdown character with a extremely fast meter gain gimmick through his drives, disallows you from getting meter on hit if you are hit by own and his Overdrive steals meter too! and his pressure is really solid too...so how does he suck?
well..here we go--

Terumi's pressure is..honestly good. Great 5A, great 5B, 2A and he was finally blessed with an overhead after being w/o one for 2 years. Then you look at the rest of his toolkit and what his gimmick is supposed to be. A character that rapidly generates and spends bar and can regain meter again doesn't have the best or even good offense and its jarring. Some of his moves have god awful recovery and his offense is extremely linear, easily handled by system mechanics such as Barrier among others--

No reversal without 50 meter and it being behind super flash, no real good jump in outside of j.B, his hurtboxes suck, its just not a good time for him..also you can crouch his Dead Angle/Counter Assault if you aren't like tager or susano'o..so thats pretty wack. but the brunt of his problem lies in his neutral presence, or more so that he has none. That his best buttons are held back by really bad hurtboxes. The thing is all this can be rectified but the character being better than decent? no-

And it lies in the gimmick itself. Without a complete overhaul of his tool kit and or change in difficulty (Terumi is extremely basic) A Character with a meter steal mechanic thats absurdly basic being good or better than good would just be kind of insane? probably a cop out answer but even then with his current tool kit it just isn't possible. Much like noel who's kind of the progenitor of not being allowed to have insane shit with her character gimmick, terumi falls in line with that. It sucks

The system mechanics just floor him and honestly, frame data changes could probably not make him bottom 5. The fucking insane part is that he can still rob you off of any good hit cause his overdrive is really good at just robbery. Stray 5B with 75 meter before popping OD usually leads to about 5-6k which is crazy in its own right.

Okay, Kagura is honestly a little bit shorter to explain cause its less him and once again the system, which he can kind of handle but it turns into RPS situations, sometimes more in his favor than others. So i'm gonna be entirely serious, outside of the memes or word of mouth, Kagura as of CF2 isn't bad or whatever. In CF1 he was arguably the worst character in the game besides Susanoo, but CF2 patched his worst aspects somewhat, leaving it more to the system and really polarizing matchups--


Kagura plays at two ranges really. Either really far or really close. His mid range game is kind of middling outside of 6B, which handles better at closer ranges and his C buttons which cover everything else alongside his fireball. Being the first charge character in the series was kind of intriguing due to how his gimmick worked in tandem with it. Kagura's drive puts him in a stance with either 5/2/or 6D and have followups and properties to them, cancelable into any of them on frame 9 or 10--

Now how Kagura plays his game is around slowly but surely closing the gap with his large buttons, fireballs and stances then forces dice rolls when he closes in/post knockdown. On defense Kagura has arguably on of the best reversal tools in the game, Fafnir. Fafnir is a flash kick, and due to its nature, Kagura -cannot- get IAD'ed at recklessly nor crossed up as it will auto correct. From its inception it was one of the best reversals in the game bar none. So what changed about him?--

since i'm talking about how he handles his game plan.
well. In CP1, he was really REALLY bad. He had THE WORST run speed in the game so neutral was a problem and a half. He also lacked a strong knockdown tool that he wouldn't get till CF2 so his knockdowns would always end in 2DB (a slide) into fireball for makeshift Oki. However. His design at this point allowed him to do one thing extremely well. Since combo rates weren't universal Kagura hit really really really hard. As in Robbery--

the biggest thing was he could do Stance move>Fireball>2C>5C>etc. And it would all work. The fireball shot his damage through the roof and basically allowed him to steal games if he tagged you with the right move. So in later games they made it less of a combo tool and made it more for neutral/Oki. He was a wack character that excelled in robbing people. Then over time they slowly moved him from that fireball vortex into just a nuke..then CF1 fucked him entirely, which leads to his biggest issue

His neutral is weak, his run speed even now is still mad slow, but on defense, if you knock him down he cannot flash kick on wake up due to how tech options -work- in BB. Rolls stopped being special cancelable from CS onward, Down tech exists as a way to force people to mistime meaties/change oki in some way but in Kagura's case, he can't hold his charge and down tech. and with each charge being 45f or so, things get iffy with him. The speed of his run can fix some neutral encounters but--

The system doesn't allow him to abuse his best option on defense, post hard knockdown. Which to be honest..is good? Down tech as much as I dont like it, is in place to avoid certain situations from occuring to where instead of delay teching setups (which is better imo anyway), you can throw your opponent off. But, kagura doesn't get this luxury cause well >charge character.
its a sticky situation. I'd mention how Kagura deals with OD, but unironically he can handle it decently due to stances--

Now. This is less about Kagura being insane if he were good, but more how he interacts with the system compared to anyone else. Which is -wild- considering he's still a nuke, but polarizing matchups, wack run speed and the system itself kinda hinders him. But hey, he explodes people so thats cool

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