Grinding Mendacity in XIV is like pulling teeth
also I'm fucked when it comes to Alliance Raids for Sensory overload and losing track of things.
I should just play more/learn the game better.

>Me: I'm gonna make my protagonists
>Also Me: lol what if I made 3 other side characters who were on Lyn's team?
...I'll finish their character sheets soon.

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When you hear a notification beep and leaf through all your windows only to realize it was in the song you're playing.

I wouldn't wish it on my worst Enemy to *consistently* block Valk/Izayoi and to some extent Izanami mixups. Or adapt to how they manage bar/resources (although that's more player specific). fighting games are fucked up.

Watching KSB quickly reminded me of how Polarizing some Matchups/Characters are in CF. Being used by High level players in JP also makes it worse lmao...
Honestly since I wrote those long posts and what I know now, It honestly makes those opinions only mostly accurate.

Making mock up movelists is weeeeird.
but eh. Its a fun hobby of weeb shit I guess.

So I actually fucked around and did a BB Style move list for the character I had in mind. A few things
- Yes EACH Special, Super, Drive, Overdrive and even his IK are named after swords or have a regal/fire motif
- I based his drive on Enkidu's Havoc as well as Azrael's drive in a way. Extra hitstun + Burn effect etc.
- I based his normals off Kouma/K'/Kyo/ Iori + a lil Shen Woo, cause I'm a sucker for that type of shit
- Trying to think about how to better implement the command jump/dash

But to be honest, advancing on the whole "Character uses fire whatever" idea I had. Mainly I meant for it to be based in movement. Like command Air dashes/extra jumps to extend combos and to give additional movement. i.e: Stuff>Launcher>Air chain>Command jump/dash>Air Chain>ender
kinda similar to Kouma/Mika and Ruby. I just like the K' similarity cause mans is cool and whatnot, probably homage normals etc. The prospect of that is kinda intriguing.

I've literally had an Idea for a FG Character based on an OC I haven't even started yet but he uses fire and I thought of Kouma/K'/Mika and has sword names as his special moves.
And its fucking COOL--

I finished Pocket Mirror and got the best ending.
I'm satisfied in a sense but I'm fucking livid due to reading up what happens in the bad ends.
Game's still great though, definitely would (will) play through it again.
also MC a cute

I passed my last paper, neat.
I'm done for the summer. Thank god.

gonna feel myself a bit on this recolor but
holy fuck the magnolia/black really brings out the blonde hair and red eyes.
also Black/White/Green in Trans-Am is fucking liiiiiiiiit

Fucked around with CF color editor again.
Did Drakengard 3 recolors and the Izayoi one is probs my favorite. Anywho that's 50 recolors done so far
...only 49 left to go--

I passed my Movement Anatomy Final.
I'm beyond fucking glad that this semester ended in literally the best way possible for me right now. I just need to see the grade for my paper and I can rest easy.

This is
- Most definitely my shit
- Blessed
- Perfect
- Why I love her jesus christ
dont worry, series is almost over, I'll stop being a dork eventually

Finished that Paper. Having it proofread before I submit it
soon the semester will be over and done with.

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