I've already put myself in the self-indulgent vortexes of liking certain things and I don't feel like getting out so shit.
I'll hold this L

I feel better now. I kinda had a small rough patch, whether it be me overreacting and spiraling myself into a mood that I hate due to circumstances or just me being stupid. But I feel better. But there's shit about myself that I do genuinely feel like fixing. Mainly uh..understanding that feeling vulnerable is good. Then again i've been indulging that in waifus and whatnot so I dunno if that was a net positive.
wanting to be protected by a character you like is a good feeling though..

...One topic ends and now I wanna talk about competitive pokemon
god fucking damn it why.

But then I think about the already great characters and their tools and compared to the ones I've brought up and its almost night and day. Obviously its just "lol fighting games" but sometimes I can't help to think about the meta/landscape we would have if some characters weren't as great as they are compared to some of the weaker characters now.
....nevermind living in a world where Terumi is great, enabling 13 year olds everywhere is a world I dont want any part of.
Thats my 2 week ted talk-

But I digress.
I started this to give a bit of insight on design philosophy, I thought I did an alright job, but I feel as though I just rambled on honestly. To be quite honest, just typing it out and thinking about these characters and my main point, I honestly do believe some of the worse off characters could be better with tweaking. But because of how the game is with their current tool kit, some of them wouldn't be better than "okay" and if they were ever great it'd just be a wild time--

Arakune is either really good or fucking abysmal, there has been no in-between for him as fucked as a mechanic as curse is. Its hard to state even though I just said that cursed is fucked but, I believe team Blue has gotten way better at handling how characters are supposed to function when it comes to character specifics like their drives. You have characters like Valkenhayn who's entire gameplan revolves around resource management akin to Carl/Relius, and Valk was borderline broke in CP1--

Obviously, one knows or at least has a general understanding of what makes characters top tier. Plethora of good to strong tools that could patch up any weaknesses they -should- have. Why do you think Litchi has never been worse than "strong" in any iteration of BB, fucking with her staff mechanic would destroy her even if you slowed down her buttons or adjusted her frame data. Her drive just adds that much to her gameplan, same thing with Arakune--

Its been a few days since I started that super long thread about design philosophy in Blazblue, talking about how some characters function and how making them really good could result in the game being bad/not fun without an entire overhaul of that characters design. Which led me to continue thinking about design in general. From Noel to Terumi and even Bullet, there's a common theme present and I explained (or at least tried) why they can't possibly be top tier--

I don't open up much even irl.
it aint healthy, as much as I go on about whats in my bio, I'm kind of afraid of talking about it? I'm really afraid about gushing about the things I genuinely enjoy due to fear of it getting stale or coming off as annoying. It also doesn't help that inserting myself in some conversations is a bit awkward cause I hate not knowing what i'm talking about...then again as long as my friends are having fun about it, I guess its alright.

I'll probably get to the rest of that design philosophy shit for BB later in the week. Guess it gives me time to sort my thoughts about it better.

I've been feeling pretty shitty lately, not being able to see my girlfriend over spring break is also really...really shitty due to time constraints and everything costing money...so now I feel even worse.
But, things will get better..but I need to sleep, kind of had enough of today.

Holy shit Kagura 2DA not going into Air Stances looks so fucking incomplete like what the shit? he does a whole ass overhead, puts himself in the air and stance cancels back on the ground. It looks so bad lmao

As much as I love CF2 Kagura I really do enjoy his older versions. Incomplete as fuck but Fireball combos are mad cool.

Now. This is less about Kagura being insane if he were good, but more how he interacts with the system compared to anyone else. Which is -wild- considering he's still a nuke, but polarizing matchups, wack run speed and the system itself kinda hinders him. But hey, he explodes people so thats cool

The system doesn't allow him to abuse his best option on defense, post hard knockdown. Which to be honest..is good? Down tech as much as I dont like it, is in place to avoid certain situations from occuring to where instead of delay teching setups (which is better imo anyway), you can throw your opponent off. But, kagura doesn't get this luxury cause well >charge character.
its a sticky situation. I'd mention how Kagura deals with OD, but unironically he can handle it decently due to stances--

His neutral is weak, his run speed even now is still mad slow, but on defense, if you knock him down he cannot flash kick on wake up due to how tech options -work- in BB. Rolls stopped being special cancelable from CS onward, Down tech exists as a way to force people to mistime meaties/change oki in some way but in Kagura's case, he can't hold his charge and down tech. and with each charge being 45f or so, things get iffy with him. The speed of his run can fix some neutral encounters but--

the biggest thing was he could do Stance move>Fireball>2C>5C>etc. And it would all work. The fireball shot his damage through the roof and basically allowed him to steal games if he tagged you with the right move. So in later games they made it less of a combo tool and made it more for neutral/Oki. He was a wack character that excelled in robbing people. Then over time they slowly moved him from that fireball vortex into just a nuke..then CF1 fucked him entirely, which leads to his biggest issue

since i'm talking about how he handles his game plan.
well. In CP1, he was really REALLY bad. He had THE WORST run speed in the game so neutral was a problem and a half. He also lacked a strong knockdown tool that he wouldn't get till CF2 so his knockdowns would always end in 2DB (a slide) into fireball for makeshift Oki. However. His design at this point allowed him to do one thing extremely well. Since combo rates weren't universal Kagura hit really really really hard. As in Robbery--

Now how Kagura plays his game is around slowly but surely closing the gap with his large buttons, fireballs and stances then forces dice rolls when he closes in/post knockdown. On defense Kagura has arguably on of the best reversal tools in the game, Fafnir. Fafnir is a flash kick, and due to its nature, Kagura -cannot- get IAD'ed at recklessly nor crossed up as it will auto correct. From its inception it was one of the best reversals in the game bar none. So what changed about him?--

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