it sucks that i know how integral prediction is to playing fighting games well, but I don’t have the experience to make predictions well. or make them at all

oh yeah I took a couple pics at ; first one is , not sure who the Ragna is

shout-out to the two people at the Tekken machine who have never played Tekken before. godspeed you beautiful bastards

oh yeah I wonder how Tekken’s button scheme (a button for each limb) will work with Negan since he’s swinging a bat around. and not doing much kicking

finna start studying anatomy and musculature so i can actually draw the tekken bois without wanting to eat my pencil

somehow Blue Stahli and Celldweller look exactly how you’d expect they’d look from listening to their music

earlier it hit me that Dragunov is actually rather tall. consider the fact that he’s kinda squatting in his idle stance

What is something that you're looking forward to? — being able to go to the march monthly.
(real shit tho? I can't wait to have more free rein to travel)

of course, the opponent's offensive tools won't save them from getting their health chipped by Hwoarang's pressure. (might affect what options I can use to enforce said pressure tho)

currently trying to write some basic notes on what everyone Does in Tekken so I vaguely know matchups, and realizing half the cast has SOMETHING that Hwoarang is weak to. on-paper, at least. I'd have to go deeper to figure out how much they affect the matchup.

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