having my sparring partner give me a particular objective or goal during a FG session stresses me out so much, I’m scared I won’t accomplish it well and they’ll be disappointed in me

anyone else ever think about friends they talk to online, go "oh maybe they're in a different timezone", then remember you see them every time you go to locals

“Give them your heart, then give them hell” is one of my favorite bits of FG advice ever and I want it on my tombstone

What motivates you to work hard? — if I’m passionate about something then I start working hard at it and carry on from that curiouscat.me/GRIFFIN_FGC/post

I’m going to be going to the doctor’s soon for hand/wrist pains, I haven’t been as mindful of that as I should’ve been and I’d like to figure out solutions soon before I end up doing permanent damage.


man, I’ve been losing my touch when it comes to playing Small Tekken the past couple days. I need to have more spacing and movement awareness and a bit less aggression

it sucks when someone says some wack shit before you play games and it throws off your concentration 😪

“you need to do better” well, thoughts goblin, tell me how or shut up

hate getting that vague voice like “I need to improve on my gameplay!!!” but... what areas specifically??? what needs improvement? there’s reasons I’m not good enough yet!

so if you grab an opponent during the power crush frames of their move, they can't break the grab

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