the greatest privilege turning 18 has given me is that I’m way more comfortable making dick jokes now

I spent 14 bucks on a battop that comes off my stick every other day I play :^(

the spellform dragons in dragonvale had no right to be that tough to get, at least I got the Outrider Dragon

last night I dreamed that Nina Williams tried to punch me in the face. three times
I blocked her all three times

thinking about this because I watched a bad movie review and started thinking about how killing a character does nothing unless you give the audience reasons to care that they died

I understand three things about metal gear lore: the military sucks, there's robots, and many characters have powerful asses

I think a lot of bad writing is the result of a writer knowing that a trope is good and appealing, but not including the Substance that makes it good and appealing

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