in trying to figure shit out in Tekken, I’m actually starting to perform worse

slowly realizing every tekken player I know is a different combination and flavor of “memelord + says smart things”

why do I see so many guilt-trippy social justice posts. “oh I’m glad you liked that thing. it’s problematic but you do you, I guess.”

When did you realise you were a dude? — I realized “oh maybe I’m not a girl” 5 years ago? Then it took 3 or 4 more years for me to realize I’m a dude specifically

I had a dream about trying to navigate an airport to go to summer jam. I’m not flying out to summer jam. what the fuck,

what the fuck is having a proper offense in Tekken I’m just going AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH and hoping I get a counterhit or something

(melts pepper jack cheese in my spaghetti) I am a genius!
(it sticks to my fork) oh no!

encountering someone who you’ve seen pictures of but never met in your dream is weird as fuck. your brain has no semblance of how they act so it just fills in whatever the fuck

yesterday I asked someone WHO I HAVE SEEN AT LOCALS if he uses a hitbox 😂

Tekken won’t let you say the fuck word in lobbies. absolutely disgraceful

Tekken won’t let you say the fuck word I’m lobbied. absolutely disgraceful

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