fun SJXIII story: while I was wandering on Saturday, I overheard Big E talking with security about having to kick out two people who were fucking in one of the ballrooms.
later, around the time pools started, I saw a condom wrapper on the main ballroom floor

neopronouns are cool because they’re on a nice level of word abstraction and it’s cool that we can do that with English words

if you’ve ever referred to me as dude, man, sir, or he in real life, you’ve increased my max HP by 5 points

and this experience has motivated me to get better as a player. I wanna put up a stronger fight next time I’m at a major

I guess that marks the end of
I wasn’t able to stay the whole time, but meeting people from neighboring and far-off regions alike and going to my first major was incredible.
To everyone I met there- thank you! (there’s too many of you to list, lol)

is these a difference between a "[character] main" and a "[character] specialist"? and if so, what makes the difference?

watching tekken offline makes it harder to get distracted. watching streams, on the other hand...

(goes into training mode)
(gently puts my hand on Jin's shoulder) alright, give me your secrets

kkokkoma has the exact same aura irl that he does from streams and pictures and stuff

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