except this time it hurts more than just your friend.
your friend isn’t telling you you’re an awful person or trying to make you feel bad!

so why not extend the same sort of empathy and understanding to a wider swath of people? it’s very simple and makes people feel safer.

if your friend tells you to stop poking them or stop calling them by a certain nickname, you apologize and don’t do it again because you empathize with their hurt feelings and don’t want to upset them. same deal if someone tells you “hey that (word/joke) is offensive”

if a gay person tells you not to use gay as an insult, it’s not an accusation of being a horrible person, they just know the impact and hurt of those words better than you do. even if using gay as an insult been acceptable in your circles, that shit hurts other people.

if you’re not part of that group, it’s not a case of “you have no choice but to obey me”. it’s a case of “I know the context and impact of what you’re saying better than you do”.
and there’s NOTHING wrong with you not knowing that.

and like... if people don’t want you to say something because it hurts feelings, there’s some reason behind it. especially if it’s something related to a minority/disenfranchised group.

does “outrage culture” mean “people are getting offended/angry just to get offended/angry”?

getting angry and upset isn’t fun, it’s mentally and physically exhausting. don’t get convinced that people are getting offended/angry for the sake of it.

getting the theorycrafting rundown on why a character is hard makes me big nervous... I just want to press my buttons y’all

one of the VGBC commentators said Bryan’s an information character-
in context I’m guessing that means Bryan doesnt have anything to bullshit his way through an unfamiliar matchup :V

my most recent hairdo has turned out to be a discount pompadour

ah yeah remind me to give Devil Jin a REAL test run tomorrow. the edgiest Tekken edgy boy activates my bias
(and he looks interesting in action)

someone unironically recommended Geese as a Tekken character I might like

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