I wasn't expecting to start up my SHMUP and have new bugs appear out of the blue.
Can I blame this on graphics drivers and not myself? Just this once?

*picks up wallet*
*small army of NFC arcade cards come flying out*

Make sure you get the right Raymond Chen.
There's more than one at Microsoft.

There should be way more 0s in that weight number. I love how writers keep underestimating the square-cube law.

My issue is that I can't swap individual party members' roles, I have to use whole-party layouts—and the game doesn't give you enough layouts to cover every combination.

Hm. I didn't really enjoy FFXIII when I first tried it. My main complaints about the combat system being its overreliance on Break and the reliance on pre-selected Paradigm layouts instead of really letting you switch on the fly. Should I give it another go?

What the fuck is a "quicktime"? Is it like quicksand?

I maintain it was that Pokemon Go trailer. I watched that thing for the first time after Go was already on its way out, almost had me in tears.
Of course, half the shit in there wasn't in the game and probably still isn't, but

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