If you got the behavior I think you did, I think you might've ran into a Windows bug. What happened?

Actually had a discussion today about how Tekken is a pile of martial arts nerdery lol

One of the things about technology that I appreciate is programmers configuring screens in embedded systems to plead for help when they're injured.

@pyredrid I'd say that's mildly horrifying, but then again I did just spend several hours converting runtime polymorphism to compiletime polymorphism just because I wanted an `on_hit` on one subclass and not the other.

@ticky It's actually a full sentence if you take "yeah" as a verb.

Well, I did put a USB fan in next to the eero because it was uncomfortably hot to the touch, so hey. 90+% savings right there.

It's got a status light, I guess, but no blinkenlights. I think the switch has blinkenlights but it's buried behind a cabinet now so I can't check.
Ironically, the little repeater things actually have nightlights on them!

It's an eero basestation hooked up to a 4-port switch that then goes into the walls.

It may not be the fastest. Make sure to check and see that it'll be great enough for your needs; I know it was slower than the wifi when I tried it.

My new router doesn't have any blinkenlights and it makes me sad. I wonder when they were first added, though. And I guess the other question is "when did glowing become culturally synonymous with technology?".

I was about to wonder if children today think of computers and their peripherals as inherently infused with LEDs, but then I remembered it's always been this way.
I wonder when technology started glowing...

I appreciate the notifications off this post. It lets me know who, too, has been wounded.

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We live in a funny time in which a MacBook charger will charge a Nokia phone but not an iPhone.

Don't mind me, just cursing Stuff-It files for their lack of forward-compatibility.

Manually collating a recipe alteration back into the main by transcribing it into handwritten HTML from texted iPhone pictures.

How was your day?

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