Verdict on Switchbuntu:
Cool as shit, but if you were looking to turn your Switch into an dual-booting Ubuntu tablet, it's not there yet.

Part of this is that the touchscreen driver is a little jank, especially around the edges of the screen—and sometimes the touchscreen just stops working. This is fixable.

Part of this is performance—sub-30fps on a RetroArch menu is headscratching, especially given Lakka.

And part of this is that Ubuntu is not ready to be a tablet OS.

Onboard, Ubuntu's soft keyboard, only autosummons in GTK apps. This excludes important things like Chrome and Firefox (no FF on Switchbuntu, because Rust can't target ARM). There's a gesture to summon it, but only on Wayland—not X. I have a sneaking suspicion Wayland won't work on the Switch. There's a button in the top menu bar to control it—but, in a fit of insanity, instead of being a toggle, tapping it brings up a menu that you can then summon Onboard from. That menu should be on rightclick.

The W10 soft keyboard works so much better it's astounding. And the edge touch jank means it's hard to even touch the button to summon the menu in the first place. BT does work though, along with USB mice and keyboards through the dock, so as a docked Ubuntu PC, it does appear to work.

If you've got a spare μSD, though, and you wanna play around, by all means, go have fun! It's the easiest Linux install I've ever done.

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