really hate that smartphones are so terrible because the notion of a pocket-sized computer full of cool sensors and other cool hardware (including 4 different kinds of wireless communication) is extremely exciting


@jelle_dc iOS was explicitly designed to hide the fact that the thing is a computer, going so far as to try and pretend it didn't have a filesystem until iOS 12. Android was initially designed for cameras, but at no point has it ever tried to pretend it wasn't a computer—just one you didn't have control over. Smartphones are awful because they cultivated an image of not being real machines, so nobody writes real software for them. (Android!FF doesn't have an inspector!! >:V)

@alexbuzzbee I wanna put Linux on my Switch, but the last time I tried I couldn't get it to work.*

*I couldn't get Arch to boot. I got Lakka working, but Lakka only boots Retroarch and can't run PPSSPP at a specific resolution anyway so it's useless to me.

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