Why the fuck does the Samsung Galaxy S10 have a fucking hole in the screen? Why would anyone BUY this? Why would they MAKE this?

@Elizafox I love the notch apologia I keep seeing. "It's not so bad once you get used to it." Fuck you.

@Freyaday This goes beyond the notch. It's a *hole*. It's bounded on all sides by screen.


@Elizafox I saw the same shit for the hole. For fuck's sake, a modicum of self-awareness: you're claiming a $1k computer is worse than its predecessor—which sold for less than "the cheap version" of the new fucking /flagship/—but it's ok guys it's fine once you're /used to it/.


@Freyaday @Elizafox flagship phone's are not made for performance or quality of life. They're made as a flex, usually hyperfocused on a single quality or piece of hardware.

If you just use your phone as a phone and pda they're worthless but as a fashion statement in tech? That's where they shine.

@FimbulFlower @Elizafox I am so fucking sick and tired of toy OSes. Fuck iOS, fuck Android, I want a real machine in my pocket and I wish I didn't need a billion dollars to make it happen.

@Freyaday @Elizafox they're in your phone, mining your data and selling it for less than nickels

@FimbulFlower @Elizafox A reminder that Android doesn't let you revoke the Internet permission from apps. But it's ok, because there's other permissions to keep you safe and we keep our walled garden squeaky clean!

@Freyaday @FimbulFlower @Elizafox Meanwhile, my dumbphone that I had in, like, 2005, explicitly prompted for internet permission for J2ME apps.

And apps couldn't even run in the background, and data wasn't metered back then, so there was much less need to keep something from going online.

@bhtooefr @FimbulFlower @Elizafox
I would argue that being able to run things in the background is the key difference between dumbphones and smartphones. (I can't say I came up with this idea on my own, but I don't remember the site where I came across it). It irks me that Android is slowly trying to kill off its ability to do that.

@Freyaday @FimbulFlower @Elizafox Counterpoint: Palm OS, which was single-tasking, but provided what by all accounts was "smart" functionality.

@bhtooefr @FimbulFlower @Elizafox
I used PalmOS! I know it could run /some/ things in the background because I distinctly remember using a Pandora competitor (there was a Z in the name?). I had a Palm Pre (I think that's what it was called) for a while. It started the current mobile task switcher design, actually.

@Freyaday @FimbulFlower @Elizafox IIRC that stuff was weird, hackish, task-specific stuff that was never all that stable, but yeah, there *WERE* ways to get background e-mail and music playback, good point.

(Whereas feature phones usually only could do local music playback, and I think only the Japanese ones could do background e-mail (because they used e-mail so much).)

@bhtooefr @FimbulFlower @Elizafox
God, trying to type out full emails on a numpad? How do you even type on a numpad in Japanese? T9? (Then again, I don't know how you type in Japanese at all.) Feature phones got so many features in Japan that the whole country lagged behind on smartphones.

@FimbulFlower @Freyaday @Elizafox The problem is, all of this shit ends up trickling down to mid-range, and then low-end phones, because phones look "outdated" if they don't have (insert flagship feature or antifeature).

Oh, your phone still has a 16:9 screen? Unacceptable, it's now outdated.

Headphone jack? Get rid of that old crap.

No notch? What even is this obsolete garbage.

That bullshit's the mentality.

@FimbulFlower @Freyaday @Elizafox (Meanwhile, I have a current Android phone with a 3:2 screen, headphone jack, no notch, and a physical keyboard...)

@bhtooefr @FimbulFlower @Elizafox
Physical keyboard? What is it?
I once had a protosmartphone that was actually a dual slider: slide out portrait, you get a keypad. Slide out landscape, you get a QWERTY keyboard. Shit was tight.

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