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A lot of bleh things happened today, but I realized I'm still in a great mood because, despite it all, I still got to play a bunch of capoeira. :>

I think "glowbox" might be my favorite disphemism for "computer" :D

Mild Shadowbringers Postgame spoilers 

One of the things about technology that I appreciate is programmers configuring screens in embedded systems to plead for help when they're injured.

I was about to wonder if children today think of computers and their peripherals as inherently infused with LEDs, but then I remembered it's always been this way.
I wonder when technology started glowing...

I appreciate the notifications off this post. It lets me know who, too, has been wounded.

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We live in a funny time in which a MacBook charger will charge a Nokia phone but not an iPhone.

Don't mind me, just cursing Stuff-It files for their lack of forward-compatibility.

Manually collating a recipe alteration back into the main by transcribing it into handwritten HTML from texted iPhone pictures.

How was your day?

An option select is when you ask them a question with two answers and both of them are wrong.

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Staying alive requires nontrivial effort. Remember that.

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literally just discovered that the guy who did vocals in the shadowbringers main theme is the same dude who did RULES OF NATURE

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CWs and NSFW tags should be separate because man i totally have accidentally opened boobs in public on here because i just default into opening CWs
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