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I'm trying to get a grip and finish making this video but every hours I look at it and I'm so disappointed with every second. Causing me to scrap it and come back to it later.

Bro I wanna make content but God damn.

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Gonna make a sequel to FFT0 and call it "Final Fantasy Type Epsilon".

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was talking to nic and aether in call about o12s hello world, to make a comparison between similar mechanic vomit phases i brought up gavel. and lord as my witness, let me tell you I could deadass hear aether's very essence of life leave their body. xiv is a magical video game.

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estinien, like actually estinien from the game: haha what a dumbass city boye. hey eiyuu dono i taught him how to forage, you mind killing any aevis behind him and maybe laugh at him when he pokes a stick in his eye

people on this here birdsite: ALPHI AND ESTINIEN 𝔽𝕌ℂ𝕂𝔼𝔻

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remember when the scott pilgrim game made the vegan psychic guy do the akira mutant arm thing except it was made of vegetables

just wanted to throw that out there today

Which one of you motherfuckers did this at jbhifi?
I wanna shake your hand.

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Had my first raid night in FFXIV, I'm happy with the results I pulled out and I only hope to improve!

Guilty Crown is a mess of things but God fucking damn do I love its first opening.
Supercell hits me again in the heart with 'My dearest' so hard that I ended up not skipping it till they switched it with something a little less fun.

Fuck whatever people think.
Everybody has a right to hornyposting.

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No seriously.

Turning into a weapon of some kind of you get horny enough is genius.

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