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In that same boat. Rage form in on that list for some reason

Me 19 years ago: "I wanna make something important for people!"
Me 19 years later: "So where do we put kingdom key on this KH3 Keyblade tier list?"

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Broke: Using Gunbreaker to cosplay Squall from FFVIII
Woke: Using Gunbreaker to cosplay Aya Brea from Parasite Eve

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I had a dream that I booted up KH3 and was listening to dearly beloved, crying.

I wake up and I'm still crying.

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<demyx-voice>Dance, fucker, dance!</demyx-voice>

The only place I can be safe from spoilers is r/Kingdomhearts and here... God damn it

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on a lighter note, fedi has me wanting to host Minecraft again

everyone seems to be all about modpacks, though, and i
- don't want to fuck with forge
- don't want a gear treadmill and overriding automation in my comfy building simulator

i wonder if there's something that will satisfy me while also satisfying people bored with vanilla?

Is king of fighters worth your time?

Guess it's time to find out.:tail:

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Radiant Silvergun - soundtrack advertisement, Sega Saturn magazine August 1998.

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#discord shoved a 🎁 icon right on my chat bar.

This sort of thing should go on someone's profile, not the friggin chat input widget. :blobglare:

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