battlerite royale took so little time to go f2p I genuinely question why they bothered putting a pricetag on it

I'm sinking down the rabbit hole slowly but surely. hopefully I can get a first pass of this done in about a week or so.

so apparently there a BBTag patch going live tomorrow and it's going to have Cross Combo changes. Sick

I bought an oculus this weekend and am slowly becoming a VR Junkie, send help

Posting a classic. The lost health is due to an emulator savestate error

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every once in a while I think about the amount of effort NRS puts into trying to appeal to competitive players, and I feel bad, because it's very obvious that they care, and no one's giving them the time of day...

and then I hear something like "MK11 has passive meter build," and remember exactly why most people don't bother.

I know this is the most "first world problem" ever, but I always get exited at the prospect of more people to play a game I really enjoy, and underwhelmed when I play them once, maybe twice, and then they stop because I bullied them. maybe I'm the problem? I feel like playing "charge j.C only c-yumizuka" is a soft enough hazing that most people claiming to play should be able to deal with it. I play like 6 characters in melty because I keep trying to give people a chance and keep getting 'good.'

I acknowledge that I was probably this guy at some point (and probably still am to some people), and know it can be hard to start when you have no one to play with, and also don't want to gatekeep, but I'm kind of tired of hearing "yeah I play melty blood" from people who don't play melty blood.

I'm probably going to lab shit in this in the near future, but so far here's my takeaways:
- Shotos are really, really good. the consistantly long reaching normals combined with all of them having access to SRK xx hadoken means that they're hard to pressure on wakeup.
- Makoto can hitconfirm c.HP into two hayates, which is a ton of damage meterless and leads to a knockdown. if they miss the quickrise you get a secret taunt too
- Chun s.MP > s.HP > c.HK is really, really good.

some friends and I went into the DIPs and turned on everything that sounded dumb and went at it, it turned third strike, a game that is sometimes a bit boring to watch, into a dizzying series of block pressure and wakeup senarios, where every connect leads to a 3rd or more of your health bar, meterless, and every whiff means you eat a full combo. low tiers became crazy, and top tiers became MONSTERS

I mentioned earlier that you can JC your normals, and I should clarify that means EVERY NORMAL, hit or block, so every button can be canceled into either a jumpback for safety at the cost of screen space, or forward to keep the pressure going. Worse, there is a toggle that lets you dash cancel literally any normal for FREE, hit or block, meaning you can dashback all your sweeps or create some of the most disgusting pressure I've ever seen on wakeup. eat your fucking heart out sailor moon S.

there's also toggles that put heroes and heralds to shame. special moves can be made special-cancelable, which let's you Wake-up DP into fireball to make literally every wakeup safe, and lets characters like Akuma do wild shit like red fireball xx teleport xx air fireball, land, dp xx air tatsu. divekick into air tatsu is also a thing.

I walked up to the dip switches and asked it if I could turn the game into marvel, and the dips switches happily obliged. magic series chain cancels, ground or air, as separate toggles, air blocking, JC ground normals, they're yours.

You can disable fucking everything, meter, chip-outs, chip damage, parry, blocking, throw teching, throws, forward dashes, back dashes, CROUCH THROW OS and FUCKING JUMPING, you name it, there's probably a toggle

It only gets Stanger from there. You can make supers cancel into other supers, SFEX style, and can make all normals special cancelable, which lets you do dumb ST crap like sweep xx fireball. You can raise and lower juggle potential, making the game either juggle city or a world where Akuma L.Tatsu DP doesn't work anymore

Then we start getting into the "for funzies" toggles, you can turn on a setting where you take all 3 supers into the match, with two longs bars across the board. There's also the fun but way more misguided toggle of "start every match with full bar" which has some problematic implications

There's even the fabled "meter build on whiff" toggle, which was reportedly intended to be off by default at one point in online edition's development

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