credit where credit is due though, carrying backdash momentum into buttons is pretty jokes

I don't really mean that as a knock on the game, it looks fun and I'm going to pick it up but... IDK, maybe it's just me, but it seems like the kind of game that's isn't good enough to be played at any sort of competitive level, and isn't kuso enough to be explored for new and interesting stuff. all I've taken away from it so far is assist spam, rejump combos, and dumb supers, which is cool and all, but marvel 3 already exists.

I've had a couple of friends suddenly become interested in battle of the grid because some high level gameplay footage came out. those friends seemed surprised when I said that the game looked "about as good and interesting as I had expected."

oh hey, a top FGC player might be moving to my scene in the near future.

how do I pick their brain about fighting game knowledge without coming across as a weenie?

markdown and bb-code all are cool, but ^6when ^3are ^4we ^7getting quake color text?

I should proofread these posts, meant to say he was sad there wasn't many DPs in the game

I find it so funny that a friend of mine who was disappointed that MvCI really should have had more DPs tried to argue with me today that double motion super is too hard and bad design.

I've forgotten to mention this over here, but my local smash scene (BC) banned wobbling at tourneys, and made our top player, an ICs main, retire

coming from things like marvel, it's so wild to me that people would even consider banning anything that isn't completely game-breaking. I'm not one to try to shit on communities, but I don't think a wobbling ban can be fueled by anything other than scrub mentality

found an old chatlog from 11 years ago and saw i'd sent someone a link to something on youtube. so i clicked on it to see if the link was still working 11 years later. anyway turns out i just rickrolled myself 11 years in the future

battlerite royale took so little time to go f2p I genuinely question why they bothered putting a pricetag on it

I'm sinking down the rabbit hole slowly but surely. hopefully I can get a first pass of this done in about a week or so.

so apparently there a BBTag patch going live tomorrow and it's going to have Cross Combo changes. Sick

I bought an oculus this weekend and am slowly becoming a VR Junkie, send help

Posting a classic. The lost health is due to an emulator savestate error

every once in a while I think about the amount of effort NRS puts into trying to appeal to competitive players, and I feel bad, because it's very obvious that they care, and no one's giving them the time of day...

and then I hear something like "MK11 has passive meter build," and remember exactly why most people don't bother.

I know this is the most "first world problem" ever, but I always get exited at the prospect of more people to play a game I really enjoy, and underwhelmed when I play them once, maybe twice, and then they stop because I bullied them. maybe I'm the problem? I feel like playing "charge j.C only c-yumizuka" is a soft enough hazing that most people claiming to play should be able to deal with it. I play like 6 characters in melty because I keep trying to give people a chance and keep getting 'good.'

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